Baby bottles and nipples can hold milk curds or juice remnants that can cause serious infections if not properly cleaned. Babies are most vulnerable to viruses, bacteria and parasitic infections during their first year. Thus, learning how to sterilize baby bottles is crucial for every mother.

There are numerous methods of sterilizing baby items. You just have to choose one that is easy and convenient for you. This is how to sterilize baby bottles without straining.

Clean with soapy water: Before sterilizing the bottles and nipples, they should be cleaned thoroughly in soapy water to eliminate any traces of milk or juice. Ensure that you rinse off the detergent carefully before running water through the nipples to certify that the holes are not clogged. Pour a little salt into the nipples and grind them between your fingers before rinsing thoroughly. This is easy especially if you have not learned how to sterilize baby bottles and nipples. Always inspect the bottles and nipples during this cleaning stage. If you notice any cracks or splits, stop using the bottle or nipple since cracked or ripped areas can store harmful bacteria.

NB: Sterilizing silicon nipples with salt is not recommended.

Boiling: Every discussion on how to sterilize baby bottles has to include boiling because it is the most popular sterilization method. Have a large pot and lid that should be used only for sterilizing your baby’s feeding equipment. Place the bottles and nipples in the pot and cover them with water. Cover the pot and boil the bottles and nipples for about 5 minutes. Carefully remove the bottles and nipples from the pot and place them on a clean drying rack.

NB: Boiling damages nipples much quicker as compared to other sterilization methods.

Steaming: With the current growth in technology, there is an appliance for every kitchen duty including how to sterilize baby bottles. An electric bottle sterilizer is ideal for first time mothers who are not familiar with different methods on how to sterilize baby bottles and nipples. It is easy to use and utilizes high-temperature steam to exterminate bacteria and germs. Simply put the baby bottles in the electric sterilizer, plug in and wait for 8 to 10 minutes.

NB: For efficient sterilization, bottle and nipple openings should face downwards.

Microwave steamers: They are also known as microwave steam sterilizers. If you have a microwave and do not know how to sterilize baby bottles, this is the ideal method for you. Invest in a steam sterilizer and ensure that the microwave is clean. Put the baby bottles and nipples in the steamer, add water and place it in the microwave. Let it boil for 5 to 8 minutes before removing the lid carefully. This method is perfect if you are wondering how to sterilize baby bottles and nipples properly during a vacation or when travelling.

NB: The baby items can remain sterile for 3 hours if the lid is not removed.

It is not possible to have an entirely germ free environment for your baby, but it is possible to reduce their risk of contracting infections similar to food poisoning through learning how to sterilize baby bottles. Different debates on how to sterilize baby bottles recommend that you sterilize until the baby is one-year-old. However, since learning how to sterilize baby bottles is easy, you should do it until the baby stops using the bottles especially if you do not clean them personally.